Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Slow 3G Speed Optus Prepaid

Hello guys
Today I wanna talking about Optus 3G Slow Connections , I have tested the 3G Speed with my Galaxy Note GT-N7000. The Speed is Too Slow  especially on YouTube App, I Just want to Show you how is The difference.



It's the Same video and same time there is no cheats, I have this problem from last two months,  
Star from end of November - Till today it's Slow 3G speed,  By the way It's not only my device got 
this problem , I tested all those devices with Optus sim card Prepaid CAP. 

1: Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N7000
2: Samsung Galaxy Note II
3: Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 (( 3G / 16GB ))
4: iPhone 5 
5: iPhone  4S
6: iPhone 4
7: Sony Xperia S

Now on my device   I have tried everything  to solve the 3G speed 

1: I changed the sim card 
2: I changed the APN from (( Internet >>>>>>> Yesinternet )) 
3: I uninstalled the YouTube App and Install it again 
4: Factory reset My Galaxy Note & Install a Custom ROM
5: I installed the Old YouTube App

I called Optus Technical Support and explained to Them what do I have ? Unfortunately they said It's YouTube Fault !!! Optus said it's nothing to do with our 3G Speed ?!?  I discovered the Speed is too slow on (( BOOST)) which they are part of Optus. If  anyone have this problem too please let me know



                                                       test speed App

                                       this call from optus

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